Choosing Fishing Lures

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Here is a ready reckoner for choosing lures for the conditions:

  1. Match the hatch, know what fish are feeding on in the area and for the current season.
  2. Choice of colour
    • Natural colours in clear water. These include Brown, Grey, Silver, Green and white or variations of these.
    • Bright colours or very dark colours for contrast in dirty or muddy water. These include Blue, Black, Red or variations of these.
  3. Use lures with vibrations or rattles when fishing dirty water.
  4. Don’t use lures with noise in really clear water. They can spook the fish.
  5. Choose size according to tackle and the prey you are trying to imitate in the area.
  6. Choose lures according to the depth the fish are at, e.g. trout prefer colder water and when the weather is warmer will be found deeper, also in early morning and evening they can be found in shallower water with the lower sunlight.
  7. Choose floating lures and shallow running lures in weedy conditions or shallower water. Remember the length and shape of the bib on the lure will mostly determine how deep the lure will run.
  8. Lighter line will enable your lure to dive deeper than heavier line.
  9. Be prepared to lose some lures in order to get closer to structure (and consequently the fish)
  10. No single lure will work in all conditions for different species or all the time, be prepared to experiment.