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Banshee Fishing lures Bream Bass Trout Yellowbelly Redfin Perch Murray Cod Barra Flathead


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Banshee ‘Tiger Blaze’ Fishing lure 6.8cm Bream Cod Trout Redfin Barra Flathead

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– Colour: Green
– Overall Length: 6.8cm
– Depth: Medium (1-2 metres)
– Weight: 15g

Floating Lure


These lures are excellent quality and perfect for targeting fish like Bream, Trout, Perch, Bass, Redfin, Barra and Cod. At 6.8cm they are a medium sized lure, perfect for saltwater, streams and lakes.  

– Target Species: Bream, Bass, Flathead, Whiting, Golden Perch, Trout, Redfin Perch, Cod, Barra

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