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5 x Vibes Trout Bass Fishing Lures Redfin Yellowbelly Perch Cod Tackle Blades


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Great Metal Vibe/Blade Lure Value Pack


This listing is for 5 vibes.

Overall Length: 55mm  Weight: 10g  Depth:Varied

This pack of vibe lures is great value, working out to be less than $2.60 a lure including shipping!

5 lures with different colours and patterns to give you the best chance given the light and water conditions.

These vibes are perfect for targeting a range of fish from Bream, Bass, Trout, Redfin, Cod, Perch, Flathead and Whiting.  Great range of colours and patterns, they work well in lakes and streams, deeper water and across sandbanks.

3D eyes, size #8 hooks and feathered tails.


Vibes produce a vibration in the water when retrieved quickly upwards and/or forward, thereby providing additional attraction to fish in the area.


Choosing lure colours (Rule of Thumb) :

  • Natural colours in clear water. These include Brown, Grey, Silver and white or variations of these.
  • Bright colours or very dark colours for contrast in dirty or muddy water. These include Blue, Black, Red or variations of these.

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